Peralta’s Delta Summer Cruise
June 2007

Welcome to the photo trip report of Peralta's Delta Summer Cruise from June 2007. We made the California Delta our home for one week as we stopped at various locations. Now join us as we take a look at the great moments from the trip!

Our first stop was the San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron Island. Art controlled the air waves as the boats began to arrive.

Ashley and Fritz show off the first fish of the trip.

The Tikitu settles in for the first night.

The night was just getting started for me as I tried my luck at fishing.

The next day, Alan and Arnie went out on the new Mastercraft for a day of exploring.

Night two featured dinner at Garlic Brothers, located at Village West Marina in Stockton.

The group after the food had been devoured. Great food at Garlic Brothers, highly recommended for Delta Dining.

After dinner, the sailing vessel Patrice made her grand entrance.

Fred talks with Patrice as they prepare to dock.

The fearless crew finally arrived after 12 hours at sea.

PROOF! Proof that I have indeed caught a fish during the cruise.

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